About Us

Our Objective is to help empower our communities artist, musicians, poets, writers, actors, etc. and help them define the purpose of their existence. Simultaneously, helping to inspire and enrich our communities spirit, new and old generations with substantial Art & Culture performances. With Events that include Art Exhibitions, performances, poetry, literature, dance, music and volunteering. While at the same time, helping Artistic performers survive from their talents through cultural events, community events, fund raisers, non-profit organizations, school events, city events, etc. For they, the artist play a tremendous role in the changing of our society and culture. 

Our purpose was founded on one simple, yet powerful way – The Shaman Way.
What is Xamanism? Shamanism with an X, means witch doctor, guru, medicine man. A shaman is one who goes into an ancestral state of consciousness. An enlightened being beyond normal perception of reality… beyond physical, spiritual and mental. A hue-man with many different abilities for healing and problem solving. We represent their ways, their teachings and their love for humanity.