Founder/ Executive Producer / Artist / Curator

“I feel the necessity to constantly be in motion with the moving space of time and find the needs to continually express my- self, so that I don’t bottle neck my thoughts and or emotions. It’s a superficial jungle out there, nothing is no longer organic and our norms are constantly changing. In which I have to confront face-to-face on a day-to-day basis. Understanding and interpreting its living force is my goal.”-Arturo Chabolla
Art Chabolla, was born out of his cocoon in the 70’s, married into the communal life of the Chabolla family, to two humble, simple and wise parents, to whom he loves, adores and respectively admires. He is truthfully grateful for had been mentored by them… the beginning models of his developing persona. He wouldn’t have wanted any other greatest nor least experience… however wrathful, or greedingly, then the one provided in his upbringing. For what he now knows, and understands, at this ascending time of his life, is the vast debt, of his cryptic, extenuating circumstances… weather psychological, theological, social, cultural or political.
He was the second to the last of five children. Conceived into the culture of Irapuato, Guanajuato Mexico, where his paisano, Jose Alfredo Jimenez had been singing about Guanajuatos reality “La Vida no Vale Nada”, also writing more than a 1000 songs, and dying one year after Arturito had been delivered.  Born into a world constantly changing… during the 30th Mexican President Luis Echeveria, while simultaneously, Nixon was ruling the presidency in the United States of America.

While the last underground troops were being withdrawn from the Vietnam War. When Atari was kicking in their first generation of video games, the release of the pong. Or Apollo 17 was landing on the moon. And the first African-American original Script, by Maya Angelou, “Georgia, Georgia” was officially being produced etc. Indeed a world of atomic reacting matters.

Art, has been drawing and painting since the age of 10 yrs old. Graduated from college in the 90′s with a degree in Commercial Design. Ever since, has designed for close to 25 years in the packaging and display business for top companies, such as, Disney, Sierra, Sketchers, Hot Wheels, Vorsong, Linksys, Paramount Farms, Avery, Black & Decker, babababy, Playstation and Tequila Patron, plus many more. “Economically, I survive as a designer, and passionately, live life artistically”. He has had many debt studies, in philosophy, theology, psychology, history, geometry, astronomy and metaphysics. Aside from painting, he also sculpts, writes poetry, and plays bongos, djembes for self entertainment.